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Pros and Cons of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have many pros. One of the biggest benefits is their environmental friendliness, which will help reduce air pollution and the negative effects of global warming. Another pro is their ease of use. Riders will not have to worry about clutching, learning gears, or gas or oil. They will also use less physical effort when driving an electric motorcycle. Here are some pros and cons of electric motorcycles. And of course, if you’re still unsure, read on for a detailed discussion of pros and cons.

Range: There’s also an inherent disadvantage to electric motorcycles. They tend to be more expensive than regular motorcycles, but they can be recovered later. If you’re worried about battery range, the best option is to charge them at home. There are charging stations in almost every city, which makes them a convenient way to go on longer road trips. And if you are worried about safety, electric motorcycles have been designed to withstand rough terrain.

Cost. Electric motorcycles are much cheaper than gas-powered bikes, but they don’t come cheap. Their production costs are higher than traditional gas-powered motorcycles, and that translates into steeper MSRPs. Zero, for instance, started production with the entry-level S model for $10,995. The full-size DSR is $16,495, making it expensive for most commuters. Ducati’s Monster 797 costs less than $10K.

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