Low Cost Gynecomastia Surgery

The cost of Gynecomastia surgery can vary widely, depending on which country you are in and what the surgeon will charge for their time. Many medical facilities will charge higher fees for the procedure than they would if the procedure were performed in a more affordable country. Also, certain medical institutions overcharge, resulting in higher costs. To keep the cost low, some patients may wish to explore financing options.

Fortunately, there are many surgeons who are board-certified in gynecomastia, and you can find one in your area for a low price. A board-certified gynecomastia surgeon like Dr. Neal Goldberg in Manhattan and Scarsdale specializes in this type of procedure. He will also provide you with a surgical result that looks natural.

Surgical procedures for gynecomastia are available from several countries around the world. However, the procedure does not come cheap. In the USA, an average male breast reduction procedure costs $3,450. The price may vary based on the country you choose, the doctor’s experience, and the complexity of the surgery. For low-cost options, you may want to consider visiting Turkey, Mexico, or Thailand. Some European countries also offer quality gynecomastia surgeries.

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There are several medications that may cause gynecomastia. These include anti-androgens (ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers), anabolic steroids, and anti-HIV drugs. Alcohol consumption can also cause gynecomastia. It is important to discuss any medications or treatment options with your doctor to ensure that you are at risk for developing the condition.

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